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Production of guiding elements for die making and molding

For the production of guiding elements for die making and molding different manufacturing operations and machines are used. Because of different demands of precision and usage the following technologies are used.

manufacturing operations and technologies


For a precision machining the surfaces are grinded in different operations for the necessary performance.


On different turning machines guide posts and guide bushings are manufactured.


Precise guiding characteristics for guide bushings for exact and fast movements.


With the newest machines we mill guiding elements for different demands.


On a test press the components are testet for mass production.

Machines for the manufacturing of guiding elements

For the production of the required quality and a delivery in a short time the following machines are used:

  • CNC horizontal center 4
  • CNC vertical center 7
  • Milling machine 3
  • Precision grinding machine 6
  • Bore center 1
  • Bore machine 1
  • Press 1
  • Pneumatic marking machine 1
  • Precision Turning machine 4